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Alex Laterno is an aspiring model in hope's of finding a gateway into New York City, She meets Jimmy through a small exchange at the Pressing-Plant in which he works at. Instantly B-Rabbit displays attraction to her and later on in the story they had sex in the factory B-Rabbit works at, the character's role zaddy


At the end of the video of Anthony Mackie's discussion about 8 Mile, one of the hosts tells a story about the late Brittany Murphy:

“I was friends with the late Brittany Murphy and one time she told me a story that she had no idea how to throw up a middle finger cause she never flipped anyone off in her entire life until she did 8 Mile with Marshall. Eminem and her sit down and was teaching her how to do it. And if you watch the movie, he has a weird way of flipping people off. And if you look, she does the exact same way he does.”

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

Alex, in which is associated to the rap group "The Leaders Of Tha Free World" attends a free-style meet-up to which she is impressed by B-Rabbit's lyrics and ability to freestyle. She later approaches him and introduces herself in the car-park. Alex questions Jimmy's ability as a "Dope Rapper" as he works a dead-end job with Laterno's Brother. She establishes her dream to become a model and states her ability as she previously won a modelling contest.

Laterno take's a ride with Jimmy and their friends. They travel to 'Wink's' house, an associate of the rap group "The Leaders Of Tha Free World", he is known around the underground Michigan rap scene for his connection to record-label promoters. Alex is seen dancing with her friends, before deciding to follow Jimmy and his friends in burning an abandoned house, after a child had been raped in said previous house. Alex stands back and looks adoringly at the fire, in which they open up about their childhood, Alex stating she left home when she was 17. Alex also show's a dedication for B-Rabbit's career stating "You're gonna be great, I got a feelin' about ya".

Alex later watches Jimmy free-style outside the pressing-plant, Alex impressed whisks Jimmy away to which they have sex in the pressing-plant. She reassures Jimmy about Wink giving Jimmy the chance to record his demo. Later, Alex and Wink are seen interacting with Jimmy's mom in his mom's trailer, Jimmy less than impressed runs off to which he argues with Wink, they talk it over and Alex questions Jimmy, to which she tells Jimmy Wink's the one helping her out on her modeling book.

Jimmy walks into the building in which Winks works at, there to insight about his demo. He sees Alex and Wink having sex and beats up Wink, ending the relationship between Alex and him and causing further war between "The Leaders Of The Free World" and Jimmy's clique. Time passes and Wink and Jimmy's relationship worsens. Alex abruptly shows up at Jimmy's work without having contact with him. Alex tells Jimmy that she's leaving and going to New York. Alex come's to Jimmy's freestyle a last time and is impressed as Jimmy wins. Alex proudly cheers on Jimmy and pulls a middle-finger (not for disrespect) for Jimmy after the battle with Papa Doc, which Jimmy responds by pulling a heart symbol before her off-screen exit for New York.


  • Brittany was 25 when she played Alex's role during the film.
  • Brittany was taught by Eminem to flip a middle finger.[1]
  • Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Christina Ricci were considered for the role of Alex. Originally, Taryn Manning was going to play Alex, but ended up playing Janeane instead.


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