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Chin Tiki Building in 2009.

Chin Tiki was a place that is featured in 8 Mile. It is seen after the first fight between The 313 and Tha Free World at the parking lot.

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

During the film, B-Rabbit and his friends frequented Detroit's infamous Chin Tiki. It's an exotic-themed nightclub in Detroit, owned by Marvin Chin. It has been closed since 1980 due to Detroit's economic downturn, but the building itself was demolished in 2009, seven years after the premiere of [8 Mile].


The restaurant's first floor opened in 1967, after construction began in 1965. It was inspired by the 1950s and 1960s burgeoning Tiki culture fad. Tiki drinks such as the Sharks Tooth, Head Hunter, and Fog Cutter were on the menu. Chin, a former Ford engineer, designed the restaurant and was involved in the majority of the construction.

It was closed in 1980 and sat empty for two decades before being purchased by Mike Chin's family in 2006. Chin's family quickly sold the building after his death in 2006 to Olympia Development LLC, which is owned by Detroit mogul Mike Ilitch and his family. The structure was demolished in 2009.