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De'Angelo Wilson (March 29, 1979 – November 26, 2008) was an American film and television actor and hip-hop artist. Wilson appeared in four films, including 8 Mile (2002) as DJ Iz and Antwone Fisher as Jesse (age 19).. De'Angelo Wilson committed suicide by hanging in Los Angeles in 2008, after appearing in two television productions.

De'Angelo Ke'Shine Hill Wilson was born in Dayton, Ohio. He studied acting at The University of Cincinnati and Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.


  • De'Angelo Wilson before his role on 8 Mile, According to reddit user professor_tappensac, said they "played one show at the Kiva on KSU campus before he quit to pursue his acting career" and was shocked after he heard that he committed suicide.[1]
  • De'Angelo Wilson committed suicide because he thought his acting failed[1]and he was having "trouble finding work and was depressed"[2]


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