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Dj Iz is Sol's brother and a member of Jimmy's crew, 313. He commonly appears with his friends from his crew. The character's role was played by De'Angelo Wilson, who only appeared in 4 films, including 8 Mile. His career continued until he committed suicide in Los Angeles in 2008. [1]


Dj Iz is a dark-skinned male who has small, yellow eyeglasses and a mustache, wearing a green hoodie, a purple t-shirt and a beanie.

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

Iz first appears when Jimmy and his friends are driving in a car while trying to shoot pedestrians with a Paintball Gun, not until Jimmy gets a turn and shoots a police-car, prompting the police-man to search for them, but they manage to escape. When they see a freestyle in the middle of a parking lot, his crew joins in.

Iz also aids the crew in their fight against The Free World, but is punched in the face by Lotto while attempting to push him away from Jimmy, and is now seen fighting the group's gang leader, known as Papa Doc.

Iz is also at the shelter during the fight between B-Rabbit and the three members of Tha Free World: Lotto, Lyckety-Splyt, and Papa Doc.


  • This was the first film that Wilson acted.
  • It would be based on eye-kyu former member of d12


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