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I'ma murder this man! He the type to lose a fight with a dyke, They don't laugh 'cause you're whack, They laugh 'cause you white with a mic.” ~Lil' Tic

Lil' Tic is a rapper featured in 8 Mile and the first rapper to battle B-Rabbit at The Shelter hosted by Future, this character was played by the rapper known as Proof, a member of the D12. He appears in three scenes.

From the first scene of 8 Mile, B-Rabbit does a coin-toss, and wins and lets Lil' Tic perform a freestyle against him, Following Lil' Tic's freestyle, B-Rabbit attempts to freestyle against Lil' Tic, but "chokes" out of the battle and exits. Lil' Tic appears again near the end and congratulates Rabbit for battling Lyckety Split. He also appears in a background scene cheering Rabbit on encouraging him to win against Papa Doc.


  • An easter egg behind his line was "Punish Rabbit Or Obsolete Future", the line is an abbreviation to "P.R.O.O.F", a name for the rapper himself who played the character, Proof.[1]
  • Proof was also the clear inspiration for Future because he was the organizer of "rap battles" in the movie just as Proof had done for years in Detroit.[2]


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