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I'ma murder this man! He the type to lose a fight with a dyke, They don't laugh 'cause you're whack, They laugh 'cause you white with a mic.” ~Lil' Tic

Lil' Tic is a rapper featured in 8 Mile and the first rapper to battle B-Rabbit at The Shelter hosted by Future, this character was played by the rapper known as Proof, a member of the D12. He appears in one scene.

From the first scene of 8 Mile, B-Rabbit does a coin-toss, and wins and lets Lil' Tic perform a freestyle against him, Following Lil' Tic's freestyle, B-Rabbit attempts to freestyle against Lil' Tic, but "chokes" out of the battle and exits.


  • An easter egg behind his line was "Punish Rabbit Or Obsolete Future", the line is an abbreviation to "P.R.O.O.F", a name for the rapper himself who played the character, Proof.[1]
  • Proof was also the clear inspiration for Future because he was the organizer of "rap battles" in the movie just as Proof had done for years in Detroit.[2]


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