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Listen up now! Leaders in the Free World in the motherfucking house. Me and Papa Doc will battle any motherfuckers here.” ~Lyckety-Splyt

Lyckety-Splyt is Papa Doc's friend and second leader of Tha Free World, he is portrayed by Gerald L. Sanders.



B-Rabbit (right) battling Lyckety-Splyt (left) in the first round of the final battle.

Sanders was part of the early 2000s Detroit rap group The Mountain Climbaz. He went on to appear in other movies, playing himself in 2013's "Five Thirteen" and Malcom X in 2015's "American Sharia." But his star turn in "8 Mile" almost never happened, according to media reports, He told hip-hop magazine XXL that when he went to audition, "I was on the run from the feds at that time."

According to Eminem News, the person who played the character, Gerald L. Sanders is said to be the Detroit rapper who is grateful for Eminem, Eminem wanted to remain as true and authentic as possible. It meant that he wanted to face real rappers, real MCs, who were frequently on the wrong sie of the law at the time, in all of his battles. Strike himself had to be bailed from prison in order to even show up at the shooting location. He later recalled:

"It was funny because I was on the run from the feds at that time. When we pulled up to the [auditions], we actually thought it was the feds. At that time I was in the streets, carrying guns. My manager was like, “If they try to arrest you, I’ll shoot in the air, you run!” [Later,] Em done bailed me out on my attempted murder case. Proof went to him to get the money for that."[1]

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

He starts a lot of the fights between Rabbit's crew and Tha Free World, such as when he crashes a rap battle with the rest of Tha Free World and taunts their crew, to which B-Rabbit responds by making him fall on the car he was on, and then a fight ensues, which Wink breaks up. He also starts some later fights and assists the rest of Tha Free World in gang-bashing B-Rabbit including the one where he got beaten up outside of his trailer for beating Wink for having sex with Alex Laterno.

Lyckety-Splyt performs a freestyle against B-Rabbit at the first round of the final battle before Lotto and Papa Doc, he is seen again during B-Rabbit's freestyle against Lotto, saying "I'ma fuck you up", and after B-Rabbit's freestyle on the second round, he says "That's okay, 'cause Wink got more than seven digits from your bitch!".


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