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I can't believe I'm hearing all this ravin' and rantin', from Vanessa, up in here at the New Detroit stampin. You need to get your food and take your ass back to work. Your dreamin' if you think them corny ass raps will work.” ~Mike

Mike (played by Xzibit) is a minor character in 8 Mile. Mike is a co-worker of B-Rabbit who he witnesses having a rap battle with a female co-worker named Vanessa.

Mike then turns his attention to a homosexual co-worker named Paul and insults him for his sexuality, prompting B-Rabbit to join in and defend Paul, shaming Mike in the process before leaving and allow Vanessa to finish Mike off. 

Xzibit's role in 8 Mile[]


B-Rabbit (left) battling Mike (right) at the Lunch Truck.

KXNG Crooked sits down with Xzibit on the tenth episode of Crook's Corner to discuss his role in Eminem's "8 Mile" film. Xzibit recalls the film's writers having his raps pre-written for him for his lunch truck scene, despite his insistence on writing everything himself, he says:

“They had rap written for me and I was like ‘F**k that, can I write my own s**t?’ So I wrote it on the spot. Everything was written on the spot. I had to memorize it but it was easy.” Says Xzibit.



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