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Sol George is a member of the 313 crew and Future's best friend, he only commonly appears with a crew.

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

He appears in the first rap battle between B-Rabbit and Lil' Tic, but chokes out of the battle and leaves along with the crew, including himself. George even brings his paintball gun with him, along with Future and B-Rabbit, and has the chance to shoot at pedestrians. Jimmy, instead of shooting the pedestrians, shoots the police-car, hitting the window and its door, prompting the policeman to go search for them, but they manage to not get caught, and the rest of their crew have fun together after that.

During B-Rabbit's freestyle in the middle of the parking lot, Sol interrupts him by singing "10 Freaky Girls" along with the crew, but is quickly interrupted by Tha Free World members, and Lyckety-Splyt even makes fun of Sol while taunting the Three One Third crew, Sol drives B-Rabbit to the Lunch Truck on his car during Jimmy's break on New Detroit Stamping.


  • Possibly based on Bizarre, member of D12 and friend of Eminem.

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