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The Shelter building.

The Shelter is an actual music venue located at 431 E. Congress St, below Saint Andrew's Hall. The film 8 Mile features a venue with the same name. from Detroit, the rapper Future hosts the underground rap battles in the film.


It's where B-Rabbit goes to rap battles to fight, However, the filming was done inside a factory in the Rivertown Warehouse District, and the venue's exterior was a spruced-up building that now houses Downtown Louie's Lounge.[1]

Backstage scenes were shot in an abandoned Rite Aid store at 1120 Griswold Street in downtown Detroit, Intermezzo, the restaurant where Alex (Brittany Murphy) worked, was located at 1435 Randolph Street, a few blocks east of the 'Shelter' exterior. It has since been closed. [2], Despite having to be featured in 8 Mile, this is a place that Eminem actually used to do rap battles in, a 1997 footage of Eminem rapping at The Shelter can be found here.

List of Rap Battles[]

Rapper Second Rapper Winner Note
Papa Doc Shorty Mike Papa Doc The first rap battle scene in 8 Mile, Shorty Mike's freestyle doesn't seem to shown in the film.
Lil' Tic B-Rabbit Lil' Tic (automatically) B-Rabbit's first battle, Lil' Tic automatically wins after B-Rabbit "chokes" out of the battle, Lil' Tic only appears on one scene like "Shorty Mike".


Rapper Second Rapper Winner Note
Lyckety-Splyt B-Rabbit B-Rabbit First Round of the Final Battle.
Lotto B-Rabbit B-Rabbit Second Round of the Final Battle.
Papa Doc B-Rabbit B-Rabbit (automatically) Third Round of the Final Battle, B-Rabbit automatically wins after Papa Doc "chokes" out of the battle for having his personal information exposed in Rabbit's freestyle.


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