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Man, I'm so sick and tired of fucking with this steel. They only give us thirty minutes to eat lunch and chill. My body achin', just to get a buck. I'm sick of eating this shit off this fucking lunch truck. Nasty ass food, I'm in a nasty ass mood. I should've called in sick. Shit, I had something to do.” ~Vannessa

Vanessa is a factory worker from New Detroit Stamping (which B-Rabbit also works at) who only made a single appearance in Lunch Truck scene.

The lunch truck scene has become one of the film's standout moments, propelling Miz Korona's career to new level. Gus Navarro of WDET talks with Miz Korona about how he got cast in 8 Mile all those years ago and how the film depicts battle rap in Detroit. she says: “I'm just grateful that people still find (8 Mile) relevant today[1]

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

Vannessa is seen rapping about the Lunch Truck and Mike performs a freestyle against her. Mike also includes Paul in his freestyle, which prompts B-Rabbit to go against him to defend his co-worker, Paul. When B-Rabbit stops his freestyle, he lets Vanessa finish Mike off, which can still be heard in the background from B-Rabbit's perspective.


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