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got that fat man out of flipping burgers at Mickey D's” ~Wink Harris


Eugene Byrd as Wink (middle), with Eminem as B-Rabbit (right) and the director Curtis Hanson (left) behind the making of 8 Mile.

Wink Harris or simply Wink is a member of The Leaders Of Tha Free World, and a former member of B-Rabbit's Crew, until Alex cheated on B-Rabbit with Wink. He is portrayed by Eugene Byrd.

Appearance in 8 Mile[]

Wink has good connections with the people at the WJLB, mainly Roy Darucher, a promotional manager for WJLB. Using these connections, he got WJLB to fund Big-O's demo tape, and played it on the air. Looking for the next big thing, Wink confronted B-Rabbit, a good friend, and told him of his work. B-Rabbit leaves, to consider it.

Wink is later seen at the parking lot, handing out flyers for the hip-hop shop. When The Leaders of the Free World and B-Rabbit's Crew get in a scuffle, Wink breaks it up. At Chin Tiki, Wink converses with B-Rabbit and his crew, and they all go burn an abandoned house down for fun.

Wink is next seen on the street hanging out with The Leaders of Tha Free World, when B-Rabbit punches Lotto in the face. Wink then travels in B-Rabbit's car when Cheddar Bob shoots himself with his gun. Wink and Future get into an argument regarding the quality of Wink's promises, but it is broken up by B-Rabbit.

He is later seen having sex with Alex, and is beaten up by B-Rabbit and gets a bloody nose from the fight, Wink responds by jumping B-Rabbit with the leaders of Tha Free World outside of B-Rabbit's trailer.


  • Wink is based off of ChampTown, a rapper who was friends with Eminem in the beginning years of his career, but one day Eminem found out that Wink was trying to date Kim behind his back.
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