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Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, better known by his stage name Xzibit, is a rapper, actor, television host. On October 15, 1996, his debut studio album At The Speed Of Life was released, and he began his musical career. He has been a member of the hip-hop supergroup Serial Killers since 2013, he potrayed Mike, a Male Lunch Truck Rapper from 8 Mile.


Xzibit began rapping when he was 14 years old, shortly after moving from Albuquerque to Los Angeles. His first professional appearance was on The Alkaholiks' Coast II Coast's "Hit and Run" in February 1995. In October 1996, he released his debut album, At the Speed of Life. In the video game Madden NFL 2001, Xzibit was a playable character. He went on to appear in films starring other rap artists, such as The Wash and 8 Mile. In 2002, he appeared as Mack Daddy in the comedy series Cedric the Entertainer Presents.

Xzibit's interview regarding 8 Mile[]

Xzibit is the star of Eminem's "8 Mile" film. The rapper says he had his own raps written for his lunch truck scene in the movie, he says:

“They had rap written for me and I was like ‘F**k that, can I write my own s**t?’ So I wrote it on the spot. Everything was written on the spot. I had to memorize it but it was easy.”

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